Here are the answers to some questions you might have.

Should I tidy up before you get there?

No. It will help me to help you if I can see where and how your belongings are usually kept, where your mail is processed, etc.
I do ask that you secure any firearms and put away items that you do not want me to see.

Should I buy special containers, boxes, bags, or bins?

No. Lets first see what belongings you have, what you might want to donate, toss, store away, etc. You might already have what you need. If not, we’ll know as we progress.

Will you make me throw away any of my belongings?

Not at all. I will assist you in making decisions about what you might no longer need or want, but your belongings are yours, and the decisions about them are yours to make.

Will you take photographs?

If I do, I will with your written permission and only for the purpose of formulating a strategy for the de-cluttering / organizing project. No photos will be published for marketing purposes. You may have a copy of said photos, if you wish.